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Divorce can have long-term retirement impact

When people of any age choose to divorce in California, there can be a range of expected and unexpected financial consequences, especially ones related to…

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How to determine custody when only the mother is known

If a child is born in California without a father’s name on his or her birth certificate, it may be unclear who has custody. As…

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Dads need to stand up for their custodial rights in divorce

Some people believe the common divorce myth that judges always prefer giving custody to the mother in divorces. In reality, the gender of the parents…

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Divorce proceedings may limit financial, parental rights

California is one state that places a number of restrictions on parenting rights and finances when a couple files for divorce. The specifics of these…

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Gender-neutral spousal support laws surprise female breadwinners

When there’s an income disparity among a married California couple, a divorce could lead to an alimony settlement. Although spousal support originally arose during a…

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