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July 2018 Archives

Planning to co-parent effectively following divorce

Co-parenting can be a difficult transition for California parents who make the decision to divorce. When a parent is accustomed to the constant presence of the children, it can be awkward and uncomfortable to move into joint custody or visitation time. However, the process of co-parenting can be improved by keeping a few guidelines in mind.

The rise in millennials getting prenuptial agreements

California millennials are more likely to seek prenuptial agreements prior to marriage than previous generations. While prenuptial agreements are on the rise throughout all age groups, it is only more recently that the 18-to-34 age group has represented a significant trend in this area.

Using a business valuation to help navigate divorce

Business owners who chose to divorce face a number of very difficult decisions, especially in California. If you or someone you love owns a business and faces a divorce in the near future, it is very important to understand the threat that divorce poses to a business in order to make saving it a priority, if you hope to keep the business intact.

The surprising financial implications of divorce

Those who get divorced in California may find that the separation process comes with a variety of surprises. For instance, it may be difficult to fathom how much debt the household had. Common debts include mortgages, credit cards and student loans. It could also be difficult for some to come to the realization that they may not be able to keep the family home.

How child support can affect the co-parenting relationship

Parents who get a divorce might struggle with money issues. In fact, finances might be one of the main reasons a marriage ends. Despite this fact, it may be better for people's co-parenting relationship if they try to work out issues between themselves instead of going straight to a legal solution.

Getting ready for a divorce

Getting a divorce can affect several aspects of an individual's life, including their finances. However, there are certain steps that future exes in California can take to protect themselves financially and lessen the financial impact of a divorce.

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