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November 2018 Archives

What to do when one parent puts the child in danger

Some parents in California who are going through a divorce may be worried about the child's safety with the other parent. This was the case for one man who was worried about how much his wife drank and the possibility that she might drink and drive. He was also concerned because he said he had been the main caregiver for the child although the mother wanted to delay the divorce so that she could collect evidence of her own caregiving.

Tax law changes may affect divorcing spouses

A California couple planning to divorce may be particularly concerned if they need to finalize their split after the new year in 2019. This is because of a change in tax law that accompanied the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The new law passed in December 2017, but its provisions related to spousal support go into effect only after 2018 comes to a close. For many separating couples with significant assets, spousal support is an important part of the divorce. This is particularly the case after a long-term marriage or one in which a partner gave up a career to be a stay-at-home parent.

Fathers may face challenges in family court

California fathers who are struggling to pay child support should still try to pay some portion of the amount. Ignoring these payments can lead to serious consequences including jail. This was the case for one pediatrician who went to jail for nonpayment of support, lost his job and had to file for bankruptcy. Other issues fathers may encounter include a struggle to establish paternity and get adequate visitation rights if unmarried and being blocked from seeing their children by a protection order. In most cases, mothers instead of fathers still get custody.

Financial missteps to avoid in divorce

There are a number of financial mistakes people in California might make when they are getting divorced. One of those mistakes is spending too much money on a shopping spree because they are upset. Unfortunately, this can cause even more stress when the bills come in.

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