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January 2019 Archives

Tips for designing a child custody schedule

There are several important points that California parents should keep in mind when creating a joint parenting schedule during a divorce. One of those is that they should try to think about what the experience will be like for their children. Life after divorce involves many changes and a big adjustment for children.

A high-asset divorce can be complicated

Of all the various legal issues couples must deal with as they move forward to end their marriages, it cannot be said that those with significant assets face any additional steps. However, the complexity of some of those steps can be dramatically different. Property division can be a sticking point even for an average California household with a home, cars, retirement and savings accounts, but the greater the dollar value of a couples' wealth becomes, the harder it is to craft a mutually agreed upon resolution.

Will you need to pay spousal support for your stay-at-home ex?

Divorce is a very stressful time, especially if you didn't know that your spouse intended to file. You may feel angry or betrayed. It is very common to have strong feelings about the potential financial impact of a divorce. Not only will you have to split your existing assets, but you may find yourself ordered to pay spousal support for your ex.

What to know about getting divorced

The start of a new year may have California residents and others thinking of making changes in their lives. One of these changes may include ending a marriage. January is one of the most popular months for a spouse to either get or seek a divorce. However, it might not be the best idea to rush into getting a divorce. This may be especially true for parents.

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