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What happens to a business in a divorce

When a business owner gets a divorce, the asset division process can get complicated. However, there are several ways a California company could be addressed…

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Cryptocurrencies increasingly becoming an issue in divorces

For many California spouses going through a divorce, one of the most difficult and contentious issues is the division of assets. This process is becoming…

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Claiming dependents after a divorce

California residents should expect for their tax returns to be scrutinized by the Internal Revenue Service if they claim a dependent who is also claimed…

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Divorced firefighters and parental scheduling conflicts

You got married just as you started your training to become a firefighter. Your wife was very supportive of it at the time. You went…

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Divorce for older adults influences retirement planning

These days, divorces among people over age 50 in California are not uncommon. Although older adults might be beyond concerns about how the end of…

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