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Abuse claims may be brushed aside in court

While some California fathers claim that they get a bad deal in the child custody system and that mothers are favored, other evidence casts doubt…

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Gray divorce harder to recover from financially

The number of divorces involving couples over 50 years of age has more than doubled in the past 20 years. Approximately 25% of people who…

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How to manage finances during and after a divorce

When a couple ends their marriage in California, both partners could suffer financial repercussions. However, a person can make a budget, plan for divorce costs…

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Get your financial situation in order before the divorce process

If the time comes to talk to your spouse about getting a divorce, there will be many details that require your attention. For example, it’s…

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Tips for keeping a home during divorce

Some people in California who are going through a divorce might want to keep their home. This could be for sentimental reasons, or it might…

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