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September 2019 Archives

Annoying personality traits do not have to lead to divorce

Many marriages in California and around the country end in divorce, and spouses sometimes choose to take this path when personality traits that may have once seemed minor or even endearing become irritating or overwhelming. Nobody is perfect and annoying habits are age and gender neutral, but bad behavior does not have to lead to divorce if couples are able to communicate openly and address these issues before they become unbearable.

Millennials enter marriage more cautiously than their parents

Millennials in California and across the globe are showing themselves to have different priorities than the generations that came before them. This shift in priorities has led to changes in the way that millennials look at marriage and the possibility of divorce. A survey showed that there has been a 62% spike, driven by millennials, in people getting a prenuptial agreement.

Stay connected while your child's in the other parent's care

After a divorce, it may be frustrating to see your child less. You and your ex-spouse may have bad blood between you, but you know that they're a good parent and uphold your end of the custody agreement. You still worry, though, and wish you could see your child more often.

Mixing divorce with cryptocurrency

During the divorce process, a couple must divide joint assets and finalize a settlement agreement. A key part of this involves being aware of all the debts and assets belonging to the couple. California residents might like to know about how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are influencing family law.

Can child support be modified if a parent moves of out state?

For some California residents, life after a split can mean big changes that might include a move out of state. However, when children and child support are involved, there can be unique complications as the new places to which people move might have different rules regarding support. Therefore, parents might need to modify the support order. The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, or UIFSA, helps families in these situations resolve their child support conflicts in a fair manner. To do this, courts have to combine several child support orders into one that can be enforced.

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