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Helpful strategies for successfully co-parenting after divorce

Co-parents in California face a variety of challenges, including coping with emotional pain that accompanies a divorce. Thankfully, there are some strategies co-parents can use…

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Accruing wedding debt can eventually lead to divorce

For Californians and people throughout the United States, weddings are a major life event they want to celebrate with family and friends. While this is…

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The potential benefits of a postnuptial agreement

California couples who are currently married may want a way to protect assets that have been accumulated during their time together. This may be done…

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Helping children do well in school during divorce

Your spouse asks for a divorce, and your first thought isn’t even for yourself. It’s for your children. You know how important their education is,…

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How a child’s age affects the parenting plan

Parents in California that are going through a divorce must consider their child’s age when negotiating a parenting plan. Although a 50-50 split custody agreement…

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