Dismantle Your Shared Media Presence During a Divorce

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California residents know that it’s difficult going through a divorce. Soon-to-be former spouses have to split up everything from their home to their children to their assets. Many people forget that they may have to figure out what to do with her digital accounts as well. Many married couples share digital accounts. These accounts can include their bank accounts, their social media accounts, and just about any account they share online. Before the divorce is over, they’re going to have to come to an agreement regarding what to do with these accounts.

What should people do with their shared digital accounts after divorce?

One of the first things a couple will need to deal with is tackling any shared media accounts they have. This could be anything from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram. These accounts often have years of social media data that’s important to both of you. Figure out who’s going to have access to the accounts once the marriage is over. One of you will most likely have to create a new profile, so figure that out in advance of the divorce. Make sure that you change your privacy settings and passwords so that both of you can get a brand-new start.

If you have solo online digital accounts that you intend to keep for yourself, change your passwords immediately. This will help prevent any confusion or disharmony in the future.

Figure out what to do with shared digital accounts related to banking or finance. It may be helpful getting family law advice about these types of accounts since they most likely include shared assets. Through the course of the marriage, it’s easy to forget just how many financial digital accounts you share with your soon-to-be-ex. Sit down and make a list of everything that you can think of from bank accounts to investment accounts to 401(k)s.

Who should people turn to if they have questions about digital media management during and after a divorce?

The online space is a part of everyone’s life. Even couples who keep a relatively low digital profile may have some sort of a shared online presence for things like banking. People who are dealing with a divorce may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience handling these types of cases.

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