Communication can help lower the risk of divorce

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Marriages in California tend to last longer when they are “gender equal” from the beginning. Ideally, couples will have a talk prior to getting married to reaffirm that each partner has equal power in the relationship. This means that each side is equally responsible for solving problems and responsible for making decisions within the relationship. By having this talk ahead of time, neither side will feel as if they can check out of the relationship.

It is important that an individual who feels overwhelmed in a relationship expresses their feelings. In some cases, a spouse may be so busy that they don’t realize that their husband or wife is feeling isolated or overburdened. The best way to get a spouse to help out more is to specify what needs to be done and when. By practicing good communication, a spouse won’t feel threatened or betrayed by changes in the dynamics of a relationship.

For instance, a husband might not feel like losing his status as the breadwinner of the family undermines his role in the marriage. Good communication can also reduce the chances that a wife has to deal with a controlling husband or one who works less both inside and outside of the home.

When a couple ends their marriage, there may be many different divorce legal issues to work through. For instance, it may be necessary to determine who is entitled to receive child or spousal support. By consulting with an attorney, a spouse could create a strategy for obtaining a favorable outcome in a divorce case.

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