The challenges of being a spouse and business owner

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An entrepreneur tends to be a driven individual who is not afraid to take risks. Their spouses are more likely to be cautious and have a lower tolerance for risk. This helps to explain why the self-employed in California and throughout the country have a higher likelihood of getting divorced than the rest of the population. However, this is not the only reason why entrepreneurs could see their marriages end.

When a person starts a company, the seed money could be personal funds that the entire family was relying on to maintain their standard of living. Knowing that the success of a venture is directly tied to long-term financial security at home can be stressful. In some cases, business ventures may take time and attention away from a spouse or other family members. That can also cause stress in a marriage and result in its demise.

The one thing that might save a marriage is communication. While spouses may not have the same opinions as it relates to managing money or other conflicts in a relationship, the goal is not to change anyone’s mind. The goal is to make sure that each person understands the other person’s viewpoint. This can help to reduce stress levels on both an individual level and within the marriage itself.

In a divorce, emotions may play a role in how a person chooses to resolve it. By working with an attorney, it may be possible to take a more objective approach to resolving the matter. By relying on the facts of the case and relevant state law, it may take less time to come to a conclusion that a person can be content with. By settling a divorce in a timely manner, the overall costs may be minimized, allowing both spouses to more quickly rebuild their lives.

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