Delaying divorce for the sake of the children

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Because a divorce could affect everyone in the family, married couples in California may be wondering whether they should stay together for the children. In some situations, parents who believe that staying married is the best option for their kids are only putting off the inevitable. Couples should weigh both the pros and cons of maintaining the marital relationship before deciding whether to put off divorce for the kids.

In some cases, the negatives may outweigh the positives. If parents cannot get along and are happier being apart, the children probably understand, at some level, that the marriage is not viable. Children are likely to be less anxious and stressed when they sense that their parents are content, even if everyone is not living together in the same house.

Divorcing a spousemay be especially beneficial for the children if they are privy to an abusive situation. Children may learn the behaviors they see and accept emotional, verbal or physical abuse in future situations if they are not shown another way. Some might even take abusive behaviors with them into their adult relationships if nothing is done to break the cycle.

A couple in California who does choose to end their marriage may find it helpful to seek legal support. An attorney who understands the complexities offamily lawcould advise a client concerning all aspects of the divorce. Because every case is unique, the lawyer could work with the client to explore the available options and negotiate the compromises with the opposing party. The attorney could also help look out for the legal best interests of the client and their children.

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