Factors that can put a marriage on the road to divorce

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When couples enter a marriage, they often do so with dreams of a future together, but for many California couples, this dream is derailed, and the marriage ends in divorce. While some unions can survive serious problems, there are some significant factors that can put a marriage on the road to divorce.

According to a dating expert, who works with people to help them find their ideal mate, there are some obstacles that can often become insurmountable for married couples. Incompatibility, for example, can often result in divorce, particularly because couples are unable to agree on major things that can shape a life, such as core values, religious beliefs or even a life plan. This can be particularly challenging when one of the spouses has changed over time, and the other spouse cannot identify the reason. Financial struggles can often lead a couple to separate and divorce. These can manifest when the couple is finding it hard to make ends meet, and the stress causes them to fight, but it can also be the result of a wife earning more than her husband, and the tensions caused by this.

Addiction can also herald the end of a union. The addiction could be to alcohol, drugs, gambling or even video gaming, but this means one spouse might be putting their needs before everything else and this causes the marriage to collapse. Infidelity is another major factor. When trust is broken because one spouse has cheated, whether once or multiple times, the other spouse might want to end the marriage.

Someone facing any of these situations might benefit from seeking guidance from a lawyer with family law experience. The lawyer might help the person understand the state legislation regarding divorce and advise the person through the negotiations for a divorce settlement.

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