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Relocation and child custody modifications in California

When a parent in California decides to relocate, the court could modify the child custody order depending on how far they are moving. Usually, the…

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Is staying in contact with your ex a good idea?

A lot of people in California stay in contact with their ex-partners after breaking up. But when you get into a new relationship, does contact…

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Domestic violence in child custody cases

Domestic violence concerns can significantly affect child custody cases in California. In general, family courts take allegations, charges or convictions related to domestic violence very…

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How to reframe making a child custody agreement

Dealing with child custody can be one of the most difficult elements of divorce for California parents. This can be the case even when they…

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5 places your spouse may hide assets in divorce

When you divorce in California, you need to work out what is separate property and what is community property. Separate property you each keep, community…

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Dismantle Your Shared Media Presence During a Divorce

California residents know that it’s difficult going through a divorce. Soon-to-be former spouses have to split up everything from their home to their children to…

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Can your ex pack up the kids and move to another state?

Parents often disagree about what is best for the kids even when they are still married. After a divorce, those differences in opinion will be…

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4 reasons to consider mediation to resolve your divorce issues

Divorce mediation was once a niche solution that few people knew about, let alone employed during their divorces. That has changed. Mediation has become a…

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Know the warning signs of a potentially abusive intimate partner or spouse

Romantic partners and married couples argue from time to time. Maybe each person envisions the future of the relationship differently. Perhaps they bicker about household…

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Mediate your way to a satisfactory custody and parenting plan

Child-related issues can subvert even the most amicable divorces here in the Fullerton, California, region. Often, divorces begin in a relatively peaceful way, but when…

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