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Child custody and the death of a parent

California fathers who have not established paternity will need to do so if the custodial parent dies and the father wishes to become the custodial…

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Yes, you can have a quick, easy divorce!

When it comes to divorce, people often have many misconceptions about divorce and how it is always a great disaster for spouses. The good news…

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When parents want to stop receiving child support

There are many reasons why a custodial parent might want to stop receiving child support. One could be that the couple has reconciled and are…

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Older couples more likely to divorce than in past decades

Baby boomer couples in California might be more likely to get a divorce than people in their age group were in 1990. According to the…

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Thinking of children during a divorce

The end of a California couple‚Äôs marriage can often be a difficult and emotional period. It can become even more complicated when the couple has…

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Divorcing with kids? Consider mediation

Many parents face the difficult prospect of dissolving a marriage that cannot continue while still caring for the children they both love very much. If…

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