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Establishing paternity in California

When unmarried California couples have babies, the men are not automatically presumed to be the fathers. Before child support and custody orders can be issued,…

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A father may need to request a child support modification

As a father, there will be many things going through your mind as the divorce process moves forward. While it’s important to focus on the…

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When mediation might not work

California couples who are going through a divorce might wonder about using mediation instead of litigation. While the mediation process can save time and money,…

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dealing with the financial aspects of a divorce

California couples may not know that, every year, an estimated 813,000 Americans get a divorce. The average cost of getting a divorce is about $20,000,…

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When you are ready to get divorced as soon as possible

Once a marriage is over, it is over. There isn’t any reason to try to prolong the inevitable. The possibility of a rapid divorce is…

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Reasons for inaccuracy in child support estimates

With all the uncertainties surrounding the end of a marriage and a child’s need for stability, California parents who are seeking a divorce in Fullerton…

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