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December 2018 Archives

The importance of canceling joint credit cards in divorce

Californians who are getting divorced may need to figure out how to handle joint credit cards. Even if the divorce court orders one spouse to pay his or her portion of the credit card debts, both exes could still have problems with the collectors. This is because credit card companies do not have to follow the orders of the family court.

Options for addressing the marital home after divorce

The family home generally represents the most significant asset for many married couples in California. When spouses decide to divorce, their settlement must detail who gets the house or if the property will be sold and the proceeds divided. Emotional factors, such as attachment to a location or a desire to limit disruption for children, often complicate decisions about the marital home.

Unmarried dads in California can still have custody rights

There is a common misconception that custody rights innately favor the mother in most cases. However, the law regarding custody does not have a gender bias. It is simply the practical experience of having a child that often results in a mother receiving custody by default. When parents are not married, the mother will be the one who gives birth to the child, and, therefore, the mother is the likely one who will take the child home from the hospital.

The importance of financial planning before the wedding

Before couples in California get married, they may want to discuss their finances and their attitudes about money. Finances can be a source of significant strain in a marriage. In a 2017 study, Experian found that over 50 percent of couples said money issues were somewhat of a factor in their divorce while another 20 percent said finances were a significant issue. In addition, one-quarter of couples said the credit score of a spouse was a problem.

The benefits of parallel parenting after a divorce

When parents in California are going through a divorce, they might struggle to communicate and cooperate. Raising children can be difficult in the midst of a high-conflict divorce. However, in most cases, parents either share custody or one has visitation rights. Therefore, these parents need to find a way to make the situation work. Studies show that witnessing parental conflict is among the biggest stressors for children during divorce. Parallel parenting is a solution that allows children to spend time with both households but reduces the need for exes to communicate directly with one another.

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