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June 2019 Archives

Study looks at the correlation between wedding dates, divorce

Some California couples might assume that the most romantic day of the year for a wedding is Valentine's Day. However, some Australian researchers counter that this may not necessarily be the best date for those who want a long-lasting marriage. University of Melbourne researchers found that getting married on special days might be connected to a higher divorce rate.

Child support varies case to case, state to state

The specifics of child support arrangements in California vary widely based on the facts of the case, and the amounts of payments also differ from state to state. A typical payment in California, according to a study by Custody X Change, ranges between $530 and $730 per month. The study showed that parents who move relatively short distances into different states might see their support payments cut or increased significantly.

Help your children adjust to life with divorced parents

Children adjust well to many new situations. One that might not be so easy for them occurs when their parents divorce. Finding out that their parents are going to live in separate homes is a huge shock for these children. As a parent, you will have to help them adjust to this new situation.

Setting the record straight on non-custodial parent myths

A non-custodial California parent is someone who does not have physical custody of their children. Under some circumstances, however, a non-custodial parent still has legal custody. Unfortunately, the image associated with a divorced parent who is not living with their children is sometimes clouded by lingering myths about this type of relationship.

Co-parenting over the summer

Many divorced parents in California work hard to minimize the impact of divorce on their children. This means negotiating fair child support agreements and developing parenting plans that allow both parents to develop a strong relationship with their kids. While many parenting plans focus on visitation during the school year, summer vacation can be a challenge.

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