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Factors that can put a marriage on the road to divorce

When couples enter a marriage, they often do so with dreams of a future together, but for many California couples, this dream is derailed, and…

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Divorcing with children? Make sure to track your expenses

According to recent estimates, the average cost of raising a child is $233,610. That’s a lot of money, and that’s a lot of reason to…

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Online dating and divorce rates

Many California residents face the prospect of divorce every year. Online dating has made it easier than ever before for single individuals to meet new…

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Studies identify factors that may influence divorce rate

California couples who get married in their late 20s or early 30s may have a lower divorce rate than couples who marry when they are…

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California woman concerned about husband hiding assets in divorce

A 61-year-old woman writing to a financial advice columnist explained that her husband expected to get their house and half of her 401(k) retirement funds.…

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Who might benefit from a quick divorce?

Divorce, like many things, is only as difficult as the people involved make it. In many cases, the spouses have hurt each other so deeply,…

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When child support debt leads to wage garnishments

Around 7 percent of all workers have their wages garnished for debts. These may include consumer debt, child support and student loans. California workers who…

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Challenges for older couples who are getting a divorce

Older California couples who are getting a divorce may face a number of financial challenges. Because they have fewer years left until retirement, they may…

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Tips for fathers going through a child custody case

Child custody matters have historically favored the mother of the children. Many fathers today aren’t accustomed to the thought of being able to have access…

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Common property division mistakes in a divorce

California couples who are getting a divorce should be aware that there are some common financial pitfalls to be avoided. One of these is trying…

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