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January 2018 Archives

Behaviors that lead to divorce

Couples living in California may experience marital problems from time to time. While this is not unusual, long-standing attitudes and patterns of behavior can eventually take their toll on a marriage. If these actions and attitudes are not addressed, a couple may subsequently divorce.

Tips for managing finances after divorce

Some people in California may find that divorce introduces a number of financial challenges. In addition to having their assets and income cut in half or less, some people may find themselves responsible for their ex-spouse's legal bills or other expenses. Therefore, it is important for people to have a plan for getting their financial lives in order after a divorce.

Divorce mediation and property division in California

Dividing up property in divorce is often difficult no matter where the divorce occurs, but here in California, community property laws make the process even more complicated and exasperating. It is common for couples to allow the stress of defining their marital property and dividing it up to create unnecessary conflicts and draw out the divorce, but not all divorces have to turn ugly and combative. However, divorce doesn't have to be combative or spiteful, even for couples with complex assets or child custody and parenting issues to determine.

Negotiating a divorce settlement

When a California couple decides to divorce, they do not necessarily have to turn to litigation to get a decision on property division or child custody. They may be able to negotiate these issues themselves. However, careful preparation can help them make better decisions during this process.

Divorce and its effect on a credit rating

Some former spouses in California may find that divorce can impact credit scores. There are many different ways this can happen. For example, if one spouse buys out the other's stake in the family home, they may need to refinance. This can leave a person with a great deal of debt.

Are you ready for same-day divorce?

Not all divorces turn into months-long battles between spouses, with good reason. While divorce is usually a stressful, difficult season, both parties can choose to work together in a civil way to achieve quick, effective divorce with minimal conflict.

Preparing for a new year by filing for divorce

In California and elsewhere, statistics show that many people start off the New Year by filing for divorce. According to a poll, it is estimated that one in five couples begin to consider getting a divorce once all of the winter holidays are out of the way. Studies also show that the actual divorce rates peak in March and August, potentially due to the fact that a failed winter holiday or lackluster summer vacation could be the final nail in the coffin for a marriage.

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