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December 2019 Archives

Dealing with child custody and international abduction

International marriages and partnerships are part of many California residents' lives. People may work and live outside the country and develop a relationship there, or they may connect with a foreign national living in the United States. When any relationship comes to an end, the resulting legal and financial issues can lead to serious disputes, especially when there are children involved. Both parents may want to have more time with the kids, and either parent may see the court system in their area as biased against them. Custody violations and even abductions are all too common even inside the United States, such as when one parent takes the child away in an attempt to maintain full custody or defy a court order.

Never use these reasons to refuse child visitation

Courts in California and other states are likely to grant visitation rights to a non-custodial parent unless it is assumed that the child would be in danger. Despite this fact, squabbles often take place between co-parents. Here are a few reasons a custodial parent may try to use to deny visitation rights illegally.

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