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Many experts say divorce filings increase in January

The waiting period for divorce in California is one reason couples might file for divorce in January, hoping to wrap up everything by summer, but…

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Negotiating prenups and cohabitation agreements

Some couples in California may want to sign a prenuptial agreement or even a cohabitation agreement before moving in together. This can be a good…

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Why engaged couples need to talk about prenups

It can be challenging for newly engaged couples in California to focus on the pragmatic side of their future marriage, like discussing finances. While it…

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Dealing with child custody and international abduction

International marriages and partnerships are part of many California residents’ lives. People may work and live outside the country and develop a relationship there, or…

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Those father/children relationships are very important

Children need to have a relationship with both their mother and their father. This is especially true after divorce, when these relationships can change. It’s…

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Never use these reasons to refuse child visitation

Courts in California and other states are likely to grant visitation rights to a non-custodial parent unless it is assumed that the child would be…

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