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Going about divorce correctly

As no two divorces are the same, no two people should be forced to settle their divorce in the same way. How California couples deal…

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Types of child support fraud

Far too often, a former spouse or partner will choose to not respect the child support obligations that they have been assigned by a court.…

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Understand your father’s rights

If you are a father who is seeking to be an active part of your child’s life, you have recourse in the family court system.…

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Co-parenting tips for life after divorce

Your ex-spouse will always have a connection to your life because of your children. There are plenty of psychological studies on co-parenting after divorce, defining…

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Yes, there’s a divorce option to that austere, forbidding courtroom

Are you a Southern California resident all tied up in knots and dealing with major angst after having decided with your partner that a divorce…

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Cookie-cutter approach: not a winning formula in family law

Generic, boilerplate and cookie-cutter approaches are commonly employed every day by legions of Americans focused upon particular endeavors. To wit: If you want to make…

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Your divorce doesn’t have to be like ‘that couple’s’

At its core, divorce means basically the same thing for everyone: the formal ending of a marriage. But just because you have that formality in…

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