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April 2017 Archives

3 things to know about California alimony laws

Lately, you have been contemplating divorce. You know that if you choose to end your marriage, you are facing a complex situation. You will have to make decisions that are in the best interests of your children. You and your husband will have to deal with dividing marital property. And, possibly most important, you will have to figure out how you are going to support yourself without his income.

Making summer easier for parents and children

Divorced parents in California may be looking forward to seeing their kids this summer. However, as the children get older, they may not be as excited about leaving friends and other familiar surroundings of home. To make it easier to spend time with a son or daughter, parents may want to make themselves a part of their child's routine.

Mediation helps divorcing fathers protect parental rights

For many fathers who are divorcing the mothers of their children, the prospect of negotiating a custody agreement that keeps them significantly in the picture may seem slim. Many fathers attempt to maintain equal involvement in children's lives, only to see a court grant great preference to mothers in custody issues, even in California, which is often seen as progressive in legal matters.

Knowing when mediation is appropriate

California residents who are going through the divorce process may wish to do so with the help of a mediator. Going through mediation may be ideal for an uncontested divorce, and in some cases, a divorce may become uncontested with the help of a mediator. As opposed to litigation, mediation is a process in which both sides work together to resolve their differences.

Finances can be impacted by legal separation

When California couples think their marriage may be over but not sure if this is the right time to divorce, they may instead opt for a legal separation. This gives them time to think things over, to see if their marriage can be saved or they should end it entirely. For some couples, divorce may not be an option, perhaps because their religion forbids it, but they want a separation because they feel they can no longer live together.

The importance of the QDRO

California couples who are getting a divorce and who have a retirement account might have to divide that assset, and they may need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to do it. This document may be something couples sign near the end of a divorce process. However, it should not be rushed through. The process of dividing retirement accounts is complex, and it can be expensive if the QDRO is not fully explained. People may want to consult a certified divorce financial analyst who can help them use the QDRO to expedite the transfer of funds.

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